An Honest review of FAUG game

An honest review of the FAUG game: On January 26 n-core games release its FAU-G game which was in trend and lots of hype was created before its launch as we heard in news and everywhere on the internet and the hypes like the best alternate of PUBG, Free-Fire, and Call Of Duty. 

An Honest review of FAUG game

So today we will see and we will review the FAU-G game and its features. This can be a very honest review from Newzycare so let continue to your reading to see its pros and cons and compare its hype with the real reality.

Beginning of the game (Start)

The games begin from the logo of the n-core games which is a developer of the FAU-G, and after that game will load with an amazing sound and game banner which is good work in the game.

The Interface

The interface of the game is very simple and understandable anyone can understand this very easily and yes if we compare its interface with others like PUBG and FREE-FIRE or with COD so it can't compete with them.

Honest review of FAUG game

Inside the game interface, you will get to see some normal and very easy understand buttons. The buttons like (Play button) (Store button) and more as you can see in the picture.

By clicking the setting button you can adjust the game settings like sound, graphics, and more according to your choice.

At the top, we can see the honor banner which shows our rewards and honor journey in the game. In-short you can say it shows the progress.

Game mode

Game Modes Of FAU-G

This FAU-G game has three game modes, Campaign, team deathmatch, and free for all, but only campaign mode is available for all, and the rest of the two modes are not available yet but they are coming soon as you can see in the game.

The Theme

Galwan Ghati's story will start displayed on the front of the screen when you will click on the start button by selecting available campaign mode in the game which is a good work in the game because the presenting the story of the nation is good and they have displayed the story in the mother tongue language (Hindi).

The game has few buttons are available to like the Moving button to move the character left-right forward-backward, punch button to, and shield button

The process and resume buttons are also available on the top right side of the game.

One thing that I want to hear from you guys that this is not a while batting game is like in free fire for PUBG and COD it is a normal level game that you can notice while playing the game in Royal Battle game you can't ponds play the game you have to finish the match.


Effects of the game very good you can customize the graphic of the game according to your device by going to the setting menu of the game.


The song of the game is also good they have done a good job in the game.

All over gameplay

The gameplay image becomes to play the game very easily because if standing but there is Agent portal is not available inside the ear so if you're stuck between the stones or too many objects you can't jump from there to make you free but this can be solved in the next this problem can be solved in the next update for future

Game review

This is not a very often game and does not match with if and phrase, in short, this game need more alone and not in fermenter if we do not be returning to you if you are an adult to play this game because this gear that I will not like the game can make a Happy kid because it looked like a kids game.

                *Need a lot of improvement*

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