Tribute to Indian ARMY and Commandos by R Brothers Dance Crew

Tribute to Indian ARMY and Commandos by R Brother's Dance Crew

Recently on YouTube R Brothers Dance Studio uploaded the tribute dance video for the Indian army and commandos. 

The tribute act was wonderfully played by the R Brothers Crew on the title track (Sultan) of the sultan movie. They don't use the full song, they created a mixing of that song which is a very awesome mixing that you will get to hear in a video on YouTube.  

That act shows us the strength and unity power of the Indian Army and commandos.

The storyline starts with the Indian citizens who had kidnapped by the 'aatankwaadis' and other dancers as an army person are trying to get him back to their nation India.

Tribute to Indian ARMY and Commandos by R Brother's Dance Crew

"The idea of this act was driven from several real incidents and stories where our 'Faugi Bhai' Indian Army is fighting from others to make us happy.

At initially this was actually prepared for the dance+ season 5 but unfortunately, we have not selected there for some reasons, so we thought we should upload this video for our Indian Army and Commandos to make a small tribute by us for them, so finally we uploaded this video on YouTube at a celebration of 72th Republic Day" and to give a small tribute to our Indian Army's and Commandos" Said, Rahul Patil.

This act is purely choreographed by R Brothers Dance Studio and R Brothers crew's owners Mr. Rahul Patil, Mr.  Shushil Utekar, and Mr. Anil Shinde.

This act actually shows the glimpse and the real power of the Indian Army and Indian Commandos and of course other forces too.

The Official video of R Brothers Crew

This tribute video is also available on the official YouTube channel of R Brothers Dance Studio if you want to watch the entire video of the R Brothers Dance Studio so you can check their official YouTube channel. 

Remember this is the original tribute video of R Brother Crew which was embedded from their youtube channel with all permissions and regards, so share this article or video with others so they can also see the tribute video and R Brothers Crew will also get some support from audiences which will inspire them to do more hard work.

Conclusion and opinion

The entire video inspires us to do love with our nation, army, commando, and also with others who fight for us. and I must say you will also love this video and we must support all of them who are struggling for us and representing India in a very good manner.

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