Top 5 best camera smartphones in India

Best camera smartphones in India 

Top 5 best camera smartphones in India

    Image credit: Pixabay

The camera becomes a very important perspective of smartphones and especially for the selfie lovers and if you are also planning to buy new best camera smartphone and if you have a confusion about the which are the top 5 best camera smartphones in India so don't worry about it we will help you to choose your best camera phones.

iPhone 12 pro max 

Top 5 best camera smartphones in India
   Image credit: Pixabay

The iPhone 12 max has three lenses which are wide, 12 MP ultra-wide, and telephoto with provides a 5x optical zoom range for better reach and better image compression. It has a 12 MP of true depth front camera with night mode and also for 4k Dolby Vision HDR recording.

iPhone 12 max takes photos with better sharpness and dynamic range in fact all new iPhones smartphones have this feature.

There are lots of several options in the iPhone 12 like HDR take multiple exposer image simultaneously, Auto-focus,  portrait mode, and more and it can also shoot videos in HDR mode with an extra glimpse.

This HDR feature is optional for you if you want so you can turn it off but after turning off the smart exposer it will take a natural image and you will lose the dynamic range in the image quality.

The image quality of the iPhone 12 max is great and it handles the extremely high dynamic range and A14 Bionic chip helps the process of the images very immersively and it produces good contrast and awesome quality of images as compared to the other smartphones.

You know why the iPhone's images are better than another smartphone it happens because iPhone uses its own software and it uses the software according to its built type and quality which produces the next level images for their users.

The price of the smartphone is about ₹ 1,39,900.00  with 256 memory capacity and if you have a budget to buy iPhone 12 pro max so I would definitely recommend you to buy this phone.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5
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 Google Pixel 5 is almost the same as the iPhone 12 it also has a wide,ultra-wide, and normal lens with a punch-hole camera. Google added a wide-angle lens instead of the telephoto lens which is about 16 megapixels and it has an aperture of 2.2 and a 107 field of view which is a full-frame camera.

The pixel 5 has a 12.2-megapixel main camera which is the same as the Pixel 4 and it has a 16-megapixel ultra-wide rear camera compared to the Pixel 4 which has a 16-megapixel telephoto rear camera and it has an 8-megapixel front camera which is also similar to the google pixel 4 as well.

The rear camera of pixel 5 has autofocus with dual pixel phase detection and it also has optical plus electronic image stabilization (EIS). The lens has an aperture of 1.7 and a 77-degree field of view which about a 27 millimeter on a full-frame camera.

There are lots of camera features are available in the pixel 5 like autofocus, brightness adjuster, shadow booster, cinematic pan, Electronic image stabilization, and more which means it also the same as the iPhone 12 max there is not a big comparison in those phone google pixel 5 and iPhone 12 pro max.

By using this pixel 5 you can shoot 4k videos in this and this is also in an iPhone 12 max. the price f the google pixel 5 is about ₹ 71,950.00

  • Huawei mate P40 Pro

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro also produce very high-quality images itself and it also rendered and processes image very nice and very pleasing to the eyes.

In this Huawei mate, you can zoom up to 15 times and the lenses of this phone can switch to the hybrid zoom lens and it works like a charm also with this the autofocus and laser focus also works very well.

This phone is also allowed for 4k recording which is amazing and very sharp but there is no stabilization when you are recording with the ultra-wide-angle lens however when you are recording with the 1080p it provides great quality with the digital stabilization. 

The price of the Huawei according to its variants,8GB RAM and 256 GB ROM is about 1.04 lakh, and 12GB RAM and 256 ROM is about 1.21 lakh in India.

Vivo X 50

 Vivo x 50 has a 48 MP of customized primary camera with the Imx 598 sensor which consumes more light to provide an immersive photograph experience. There is an 8MP of a secondary sensor with a 13 MP of portrait sensor which gives 2x optical zoom and it also has a 5 MP of the macro sensor.

This phone has the best camera setup for 360 degrees of photography and iconography and it comes with 20x usable zoom. In fact, all over this best has the best camera it has all important sensors like OIS and EIS and all-important options like portraits with filters more,

The macro sensor of this phone which is about 5 MP it allows you to click photos from a 1.5 cm distance and for the lowlight images, it has a super night mode 3.0 with night filters.

Looking at its selfie camera so it has a 32 MP camera which gives a very good image. The price of this Vivo x 50 is ₹ 49,990.00.

This is a good camera phone like others and also according to its price so if you have Rs.50000 budget so you can go with this but if you have more than 50000 so you should definitely go with Google pixel 5.

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy s 20 ultra is the earliest launched phone and it has a quad-camera setup with a 108 mp main camera and a 48 mp periscope zoom camera and a 12 mp ultra-wide with a TOF depth sensor. 

There is 40Mp of punch hole selfie camera which take amazing selfies and reflect the good colors and details camera in the Samsung galaxy s 20ultra 

This phone has a combination of 9 mp into one which gives an output of 12 mp in the daylight if give good quality of image rendition but not over the top and the dynamic range is through highlights is better then shadows.

Ultra has scene detection on since it is optimized to take the best photos on auto mode or you can directly click the picture from 108 MP by switching its mode,

In daylight, it takes good photos and captures lots of details itself and Samsung s 20 ultras 20x-30x zoom is a usable zoom but after this or 100x zoom does not provide better images which means 100x zoom will give you noisy and blurry image and it does not capture so much of detail at 100x zoom.

The price of this Samsung S 20 ultra is about ₹ 86,999.00 and there is also an exchange offer which will save your money around 10k to 12k rupees and if you want to buy this phone so you can have this it is also an amazing smartphone.

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