Why Netflix is free for 5th and 6th December

Why Netflix is free for 5th and 6th December 

Why Netflix is free for 5th and 6th December

Netflix is celebrating the Stream-Fest in India on December 5th and 6th, which means Netflix will be free for all for two days and, you can enjoy free stream after creating and a free account on Netflix.

They will not charge any single rupees from you and, anyone can watch any show on Netflix without providing any card details.

The stream fest will start from midnight on December 5 midnight and will end on the 6th of December at 11:59 PM and, you can watch this stream on any device after login.

But remember, it is a limited offer that means Netflix has a limited capacity to stream fest members and, this thing they have also mentioned on their website.

Why Netflix is free for 5th and 6th December

You might be thinking that why Netflix is providing a free stream to everyone, but there are lots of reasons for providing a free stream fest.

  • Competition in the OTT market 
  • People awareness from Netflix
  • Celebrating stream fest

The main reason can be a lot of competition between the OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms and as Netflix is the world's no.1 OTT platform and everyone loves this platform but, in India, Amazon Prime is the number 1 and Netflix wants to compete with all OTT platform and want to make this OTT platform number 1 India and want to gain a lot of users from India.

Netflix also wants to aware there platform to everyone because most people in India can't afford Netflix or they have not subscribed to Netflix and, because of that, most people don't know what type of content Netflix displays on their platforms and, that's the reason Netflix wants to show there content with it just like they are just giving a taste of there contents and making you addicted.

Because of this, there are many chances that Netflix can grab a lot of subscribers on its platform and this Stream-Fest can be a profitable fest for Netflix.

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