The top 5 OTT platforms in India for your entertainment

As the world getting more digital the ways of entertainment are also changing their track, like the OTT platforms have replaced the TV's and cinema's and many changes occur in the last few years. 

Top 5 OTT platform in India for your entertainment

Do you remember your first tv in your home and what was the first movie or serial that you have watched the first time on your own TV screen? At that time you never be able to imagine that one day OTT type of things will come into our lives and It will change our way of entertainment and instead of TV, we will watch movies, serial, and more on OTT platforms.

So today we will see the top 5 OTT platforms in India for your entertainment that we can use according to the present digital entertainment ways, and of course, after a cinema, OTT platforms are becoming the world's largest way of digital entertainment and in the future maybe it will become the primary way of our digital entertainment.

Not only in India, in fact, all around the world these platforms are usually used for their entertainment.

There are lots of OTT platforms are available and every OTT platforms have the best content but, here we will see the best and most using OTT platforms.

1.Amazon prime

Amazon prime video or simply the prime video is the number one OTT in India and this platform is owned by Amazon company. Amazon Prime Video was launched in the year 2016 and it is the most affordable OTT platform as compare to others.

It provides web series, tv shows, and along with these features it also provides more features and offers for its prime members. Their subscription plan of amazon prime starts from 


Netflix is the second-largest OTT platform in India and globally it is the number 1 OTT platform. It goes on number 2 because of its pricing. 

Netflix provides very flexible services and Netflix has very top-notch content in different-different languages. Its subscription starts from Rs.199 per month and this plan is only valid for a mobile device and Rs.999 plan is a year plan and its works on all devices.

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Zee 5 was launched on 14 February 2018 as an OTT platform and it runs on video demand that means it also applies the same method of subscription of starting Rs. 99 per month to Rs. 365-year plan.

Zee5 is available in 190+ countries in the whole world with many different-different languages. Along with web-series, tv shows, movies you can also enjoy 90+ live tv channels on android, ios, desktop, and all devices. 

4.Soney Liv

Sony liv is owned by sony pictures and network private limited. Sony liv was launched in 2013 as an ott platform and as tv channel app.

Sony Liv is a subscription-based platform that means to watch any content you have to buy a premium subscription and their subscription starts from 299 per month to 999/- per year. Recently launched scam 1992 was gone unbreakable record on its platform.


On 18 July 2011 MX Player was launched in India as a video player. But, on 20 February 2019, it was relaunched as an OTT platform worldwide and it has 300M+ active users.

It is an ad-supported platform that means you do not have to pay any single cost to MX player, you can stream any content and channel free of cost.

Mx player generates their revenue by running ads on their platforms and the Aasharam was the first web series launch on Mx-player and Aashram's both seasons, was blockbuster series which has gone over 1 billion watches.

I know you guys may be wondering why these MX Players while many other OTT Platforms exist like Disney+hotstar, ALT Balaji, Voot, and many more, but guys I have chosen MX Player because it is a free platform and it does not charge anything from us.

Instead of a subscription, it shows ads to us but that not a big deal, and even if you would not want to see ads so instead of online watching if we download our favorite series so we can't have to face the ad problem. It has many shows, in fact, here you can watch some of Voot's and Ullu's shows on MX Player so for this reason I thought this should be on number 5.

I hope you guys have like these OTT platforms and I also hope that you would love this article if like this article share this so it will also help others.

Which is your favorite OTT platform let me know in the comment box and also comment on what you like most OTT or TV.

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