Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Here we are going to see who is the top 5 tech YouTubers in India who have to grab millions of subscribers on their channel and making technical fields very easy for everyone. Here is the name of the top 5 YouTubers and their channel.

Top 5 tech YouTubers in India 2020

  • Technical Guruji by Gaurav Chaudhari
  • Technology Gyan by Manoj Saru
  • Trekin Tech by Arun Prabhudesai 
  • Tech burner by Shlok Srivastava
  • Greekyranjit by Ranjit Kumar

1.Technical Guruji 

Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

 Gaurav Chaudhari is known as Technical guruji he is an Indian-based YouTuber and businessman but currently, he stays in Dubai (U.A.E). 

He was born in Ajmer Rajasthan India and he studied at Birla Institute of Technology and also from Pilani - Dubai Campus.

Technical Guruji channel was launched on 18 October 2015 for sharing mobile-related|tech updates|and gadget related tech videos. He is a no 1 tech Youtuber in the world. And in 2017 he launched another channel named Gaurav Chaudhary for his personal life vlogs, trips, and others.

According to the 2020 data Technical Guruji Channel recently completed 20.2 million subscribers with a number of 3.4 k videos which is the biggest tech channel in India. and its second channel Gaurav Chaudhari has completed 4.36 million subscribers with a number of 129 videos.

The best point of the Technical Guruji Channel is he never makes videos on reviews here a review means positive reviews which are actually not positive for another person.

2.Technology Gyan

Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Manoj Saru is a blogger, YouTuber, and software engineer also the founder and CEO of the Technology Gyan channel which was launch on 17 November 2015. He did his BCA from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) and software engineering from NIIT(National Institue Of Information technology) and belongs from New Delhi.

His channel Technology Gyan has totally based on Gadgets Reviews Unboxing and Comparison, computer, mobile tips tricks, internet, tech explain, tutorials, and more.

Now Manoj Saru (Technology Gyan) channel has completed their 8.9 million subscribers with 702 videos and he uploads 1 or 2 videos in a week which is based on technology.

3.Trekin Tech

Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Trekin tech's real name is Arun Prabhudesai and makes videos on smartphones and gadgets, unboxing videos, and more.

Trekin tech was started on 1 November 2011. Arun Prabhudesai known for TrekinTech belongs to Pune. His website Trekin is also featured on the Times of India's special report in the blogging completing 10 years.

Now Treking tech has completed 6.51 M subscribers on his channel with a number of 2.1 K videos.

4.Tech burner

Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Shlok Srivastava is the owner of the Tech Burner Youtube channel. He posts tech content, tech reviews on his channel and he hails from New Delhi.

He started his youtube carrier on 26 September 2014 after launching his channel and he also owned his website tech burner. in. He makes videos in Hindi and English language. and he also uploads 1 or 2 videos in a week sometimes goes over a number.

According to the current data, his channel is reached 4.33 million subscribers with a number of 637 videos.


Top 5 Tech YouTube channels in India and their owners

Geekyranjit is India's first English Tech channel that has completed over 3.11 million subscribers on youtube. Geekyranjit's real name is Ranjit Kumar and he is a Hyderabad-based person.

Ranjit Kumar has started his youtube carrier on January 6, 2011, and he is doing full-time YouTubing. He is an expert giving an opinion on Tech and his channel also belongs to give reviews on gadgets and smartphones.

He has uploaded 2,9k videos on his channel from 2011 to  2020 in the English language with 3.11 million subscribers and the Geekyranjit channel is still live-updating people daily. 

He has done much hard work to grow his channel in India especially in the English language which is actually difficult to grow in India if you owned a channel in the English language.

we congrats to all YouTuber for their hard work and for making their dreams true. you all guys and all other YouTubers who are working tirelessly and growing your channel your audience and our country will support you and your work and we all thank you all for making good content for us especially in the technical field.

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