YouTube Shorts firstly launch in India

YouTube Shorts firstly launch in India 

After the ban of Tik Tok in India, On 14 September YouTube launches its own short video creating platform name 'YouTube Shorts' ( Beta Version) and the YouTube Shorts firstly launch in India with some testing tools. 

YouTube Shorts firstly launch in India

When YouTube noticed that Tik Tok is growing very fast and it has gained millions of users in India without enabling monetization, then youtube also decided to launch its own short video crating platform in the rival of those apps.

Like other countries, India also has the largest market in the field of technology and in the IT sector that's the reason every business companies want to launch and sell their product in India.

What is YouTube Short

YouTube Short available in the Beta version, and it is also a short video-creating platform, creators can create videos of up to 15-60 seconds, but YouTube is offering more up-front features in YouTube shorts, and this will work just like YouTube.

What to know about Shorts

YouTube has introduced two # tags for shorts are #Shorts and #MyFirstShorts. because "Millions of videos are regularly uploaded to youtube, so these two #tags will help their new machine understand which type of content and video is this, and where should be shown". youtube said in a statement.
The creator will also find title, description, tags, and playlist options in YouTube short, but viewers will not be able to see the description and thumbnail of any video.
Creators must follow YouTube guidelines and respect their policies. If the creator uploads someone else's content that is not owned by the creator, the creator will get copyright claims and in some cases strike also but strike and copyright Both claims are different.
To use shorts, users must update their YouTube application from the Goole Play Store. Or those who do not have, they have to download the youtube app, Because YouTube had not launched any separate app for Shorts. YouTube shorts will in-build on YouTube.

Features of YouTube Shorts

  •  Upload video up to 15-60 seconds or less.
  • Available Title, Tags, Description, and playlist option 
  •  Video private, public, unlisted, and scheduled feature
  • Add music from the audio library in your video
  • Video can be recorded from a YouTube Shorts camera 
  • Trim, cut, and edit video with a number of creative tools 
  • Timer and countdown feature.

Benefits for creators 

The first and powerful things are user's data will be completely safe and secure obliviously  YouTube is a reputed tech company.
Youtube is providing a better way for the small creator to become famous and also explore their knowledge with all around the world.
In the future, if YouTube enables monetization through Shorts then the creator will be able to earn money.

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