Another android patch update came in vivo Y91i phone

A new android patch update came in vivo phone

Previous version: PD1818HF_EX_A_1.20.5

Updated version : PD1818HF_EX_A_1.21.0

A new android update came in vivo phone

The new update came in Vivo's Funtuch OS, the previous android version of the Vivo phone was 1.20.5 and the new version of the Vivo is 1.21.0. The new android version brings more System reliability and stability. Vivo's previous system is upgraded now to make the security of the Vivo phone stronger. 

Improvement in the system

Google security patch updates (2020-08) to improve device security and stability.

The audio patch is also updated in the previous version the device was not able to connect or having problems with connection  JBL FLIP 5 speaker now this audio issue is also had been resolved. 

This Android security patch level came on 2020-02-01

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Last Updated | 24 November 2020 | 11:25 IST

Another android patch update came in vivo Y91i phone 

Another patch update came on 2020-09-01 and this security, update brings more improved system stability and performance.

The previous android version of Funtouch OS was 1.21.0 and after the patch, the update is changed into 1.70.7

If you update your system then what will change? 

Keep updating your phone time-to-time is the best thing that you follow and everybody should follow and keep their phone updated on time-to-time.

These new updates bring a better system experiences, and you can rest assured that the update will not use your phone's memory space, affect its running speed, or delete/modify user data.

It is completely safe and secured because this update directly comes from Vivo. If you update your phone then it will not harm your phone.

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